Concerned about what you are getting for your money when  we supply you with an estimate?  Don’t worry, you get it all!

When Jellystream Lighting performs a remote estimate on your home, we attempt to use all available tools and information to get as precise as we can.  This includes, but is not limited to

  • Google Street Views
  • Google Satellite Imagery
  • Local Real Estate company photos
  • Customer supplied photos
  • more…


We don’t skimp. Here is a sample of the sections and lengths that we measure for the front of a typical home.


NOTE: Normally our remote measurements run slightly high.  If you approve the remote estimate, we will schedule you for an installation and when we get to your home we will re-measure all of the sections and get an exact actual length.
If this actual length is LOWER than the remote estimated length, then congratulations!… your estimate total will be lowered and you save money! 🙂
If for some reason the actual length is HIGHER than the remote estimated length, then we will inform you of the estimate error and you can decide what you would like to do  (either remove a section of the home or simply pay the additional linear footage fee).