JellyFish Lighting with Control4

We now have Control 4 integration. The driver is currently available through Driver Central. Once Control 4 has finished their testing and certification, the driver will be available direct through Control 4.

  • You must be a Control 4 dealer or partner with one to install this driver.

You cannot simply download and install it.

JellyFish Lighting makes premium permanent outdoor lighting that immediately adds curb appeal and character to your home or business! The system is capable of being used for nightly accent lighting that can also be a light source for you security cameras, or change to festive decorations for your favorite holidays and events with a few quick button clicks. Now you can easily manage JellyFish Lighting with your Control4 system with this Cindev created driver!


  • Control individual zones
  • On/Off lighting proxy control
  • Pattern Selection
  • Multiple lighting extras interfaces:
    • Folder: Pattern selection is broken down by folders that contain respective patterns
    • Select: Pattern selection is done in a single field that contains all patterns
  • Ability to sync all zones to a single pattern