Be the scariest and most fun house in the neighborhood for Halloween! Say goodbye to the hassle of seasonal Halloween lighting installations. With JellyStream Lighting, the need for yearly hiring of electricians or waiting for available holiday lighting services is eliminated. Our lighting system offers permanent LED Halloween lights that can be controlled through a convenient smartphone app. These LED lights are seamlessly integrated into an aluminum track matching your trim’s color, ensuring a discreet and elegant appearance.

BUT REMEMBER…. You don’t have to choose any specific type of installation. There is no need because once this product is installed, your home can display ANY of the designs and lighting setups displayed on this site. That’s right! You simply change the way your house looks with the single click of a button!

You get it ALL! You are one-click away! 🙂

Features and Benefits

  • Our LED Halloween lights come with a range of advantages that make them the ideal choice for hassle-free festivities:
  • Convenience: Experience the joy of festive lighting without the annual setup and takedown. Install once and enjoy year-round!
  • Customizability: With over 16 million color options, these RGB lights aren’t just for Halloween. Light up your home for various occasions like Christmas, Fourth of July, and Thanksgiving.
  • Cost-Effective: Invest in permanent lighting and bid farewell to recurring expenses of hiring companies to handle installation and removal. Over time, the cost savings become evident.
  • Safety: Keep away from ladders and live electricity hazards. Our permanent Halloween lights prioritize your safety and well-being.
  • HOA Approved: Concerned about HOA regulations? Our lighting solution is often approved by HOA and ACR committees due to its discreet design and versatile color options.

Cost Analysis

Investing in permanent Halloween lights is not only a smart financial move but also a decorative investment:

For instance, if you’re spending $600 annually on temporary lights and $3600 on permanent lighting installation, you’ll break even in around six years. This cost analysis doesn’t account for the added value of having versatile, year-round lighting options for all holidays and all occasions.


Our specially designed LED lights are built for outdoor resilience, featuring three lights within each bulb. LEDs are renowned for their longevity, promising years of vibrant use.

You know the saying…. “A video is worth a thousand words.“… or something like that. Check out the video below and see how the JellyFish Lighting system works in real time, what capabilities it has and how you can make your home a DREAM when you light it up with Jellystream.


Frequently Asked Questions about Outdoor Permanent Halloween Lights

Are permanent Halloween lights allowed by HOAs?

JellyFish Lighting consistently gains approval from both HOA and ACR committees. Traditional restrictions on permanent Halloween lights often stem from concerns about visible LED bulbs and their holiday-specific coloration, which might not suit every occasion. Our innovative solution overcomes these challenges by offering lights that can dynamically change colors for non-holiday accent lighting or to complement ongoing festivities. Moreover, the discreet design of JellyFish Lighting’s tracks sets them apart from conventional string lights. With a mere 1/4-inch protrusion, these tracks blend seamlessly with your eaves’ color, enabling your outdoor lighting to harmonize effortlessly with your existing Halloween decor, all while adhering to established standards.

Can I purchase DIY Permanent Halloween lights?

We have everything you need with our self-install outdoor permanent holiday lighting kits, now available for purchase. To get started, determine the required length of lights in linear feet and the color of your eaves. Click here to access comprehensive information about the installation process and to initiate your order.

How long do permanent Halloween lights last?

The longevity of permanent Halloween lights varies based on their type. Our system features a specially crafted, durable outdoor-rated LED design, with each LED bulb containing three lights. Opting for LEDs ensures exceptional resilience, as they are renowned for their longevity and can reliably function for numerous years.

What do Permanent Halloween Lights Cost?

Investing in permanent Halloween string lights offers your home both long-term cost savings and unparalleled convenience. By comparing the expense of hiring a company to install temporary Halloween lights, you can determine the time it takes for the investment to pay off.

For instance, envision paying $600 annually for temporary Halloween lights while investing $3600 in permanent Halloween lighting installation. In this scenario, the breakeven point would be reached in approximately six years.

The true beauty lies in the versatility of these lights. Beyond just Halloween , they provide abundant holiday lighting options. Illuminate your surroundings for accentuating various occasions like Easter, Christmas, Independence Day, birthdays, game days, or any special event. Additionally, the system’s adaptable color displays grant you the ability to generate warm white, cool blue, indigo, red, green, orange, or any of the impressive 16 million color variations we offer!